About Sodateru

The right way to grow towels.

  • touch

  • wash

  • use

  • wash more

  • use again

They become fluffier when washed, and even more lovely when washed again.

Ultimate towel that grows as you use it.

We use cotton named “Spongee Cotton 100” for “Sodateru Towel”.
Regular towels are made of fibers that ply cotton threads in the same direction.
In contrast, Spongee Cotton 100 is made by twisting cotton and water-soluble threads in opposite directions.
This process creates more air gaps between the fibers.

  • Twist cotton threads in the same direction (600 spins/m).

  • Twist cotton and water-soluble threads (*1) in opposite directions ( 600 spins/m), then give another 600 spins/m in the same direction and interweave the thread as pile.

  • Wash it to let the water-soluble thread dissolve (*2).

  • The threads expand in reaction to being washed and develop air gaps.

*1water-soluble threads: We use “Mintpearl” that was invented by Clare Trading Company.(This technology is internationally patented in 7 countries.)

*2It is made of low molecular weight polymers so most of them dissolve completely. Furthermore, it is ecologically friendly because of its biodegradability.

This is how Sodateru Towel, which has a lot of air in between the threads, is made.

Because of this...

About Sodateru

#1It grows fluffier as you wash.

Regular towels get thinner and harder the more you use them and lose their fluffiness.
However, Sodateru Towel is the opposite.
It develops more air gaps between the threads as you wash it and gets fluffier.
You can see with your own eyes how they grow.

About Sodateru

#2Its water absorbing power and quick drying ability grow as well.

When the threads of the towel develop air pockets and become fluffier, its water absorbing power and quick drying ability increase as well.
The more you use it, the more it absorbs water and the faster it dries.
You can have an amazing experience with Sodateru Towel.

About Sodateru

#3It produces less fuzz so it lasts longer.

Since it produces less fuzz, its texture doesn’t become thin.
It maintains its softness and water absorbing power.
The threads for Sodateru Towel have twice the amount of twists as regular towels.
As a result, it keeps its fluffiness, produces less fuzz and lasts longer.

About Sodateru

#4It is so easy to use because it is amazingly light weight.

Since the threads have a lot of air between them,
the towels look fluffy and are very light weight.
Because of this, they are easy to use every day.
They will last a long time and become one of your favorite possessions without you even knowing it.

How to grow “Sodateru Towel” even more.

Use enough water 

when you wash them.

When washing them, try not to use a minimum amount of water. The more water you use, the fluffier they become.

You don’t need softener.

The towels have long, high quality piles so you don’t need to use softener. Softener may coat the threads and decrease water absorbency.

It’s better to dry in the shade.

If you dry the towels in the sun for a long time, the fibers will harden and the sun’s ultraviolet rays will fade the colors. You can maintain the fluffiness if you dry the towels in the shade. The piles should be exposed to lots of air in well ventilated areas. If you use a dryer, the towels will become even fluffier.

When you use a drum type 

washing machine, use a net.

Depending on what you wash with them, they could develop cobwebbing or broken threads. (It’s best to wash Sodateru Towel seperatly.)

Easily cut broken 

threads away.

If you notice a broken thread, just gently cut it away with scissors. The remaining threads will not be effected.